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Incatorque (Pty) Ltd


Incatorque (Pty) Ltd is a technology (Fin-Tech) company who specialize in the development and configuration of unique business and payment technology solutions (the G-PAY Solutions) which are designed to meet our Customer needs.

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Our Solutions supports the ability to configure pre-defined process flows to initiate and process payments and electronically manage and control funds for very specific utilization.

This functionality is offered through a Settlement Account for processing on Individual Bank Accounts or through the G-PAY e-Wallet accounts.

Our comprehensive host integrations with Banks offers the unique ability to verify funds in an account, to reserve funds, to ultimately lock funds and offering the ability to Guarantee Payments through the G-PAY solution configuration.

Our Customers have the ability to select and trade through their bank of choice from our participating banks.


The company was formed in 2011 and has developed a proud track record with its flagship G-PAY products which has been configured across several indundefinedustry sectors.

Mettle Investments (Pty) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the JSE listed investment holdings company Tradehold Limited is the majority shareholder in Incatorque (Pty) Ltd.


Dr. Christo Wiese is the majority shareholder and chairman of Tradehold Limited.


Incatorque (Pty) Ltd is an authorized payment service provider enrolled with the Payments Association South Africa (PASA) and as such complies as a Systems Operator (SO) and a Third-Party Payment Processor (TPPP) in accordance with the National Systems Payment Act 1998.

In the presentation of its G-PAY Solutions, Incatorque (Pty) Ltd is obliged to ensure that clients participating in its G-PAY solutions are compliant with their applicable industry requirements and standards.

Our latest certificates as issued by PASA:

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W E   H A V E   A   S O L U T I O N   F O R   Y O U

G-PAY Solutions


Our Solutions carry the G-PAY brand and are designed and configured for web-based (cloud) access and use by means of a desktop/laptop computer, mobile devices or other mobile technology.

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Web Solutions

Each unique customer requirement dictates the configuration of the solution or combination of solutions to meet the customer unique needs.  G-PAY Web offers Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solutions, Capital / Fund Management Solutions and ​Transactional Processing Solutions.

1. Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solution


A Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Supplier (The Seller) offers products/services and wants the assurance that payment for the delivered products/services can be secured.


  • To provide a web-based ordering (procurement) to payment platform to the seller for the products/services.
  • The buyers can create orders online from the seller.
  • The G-PAY system will verify that funds are available to the value of the order created in the G-PAY system and will reserve the funds to the value of the order for the seller.
  • The G-PAY system will send an email notification to the seller of the order created.
  • The seller can secure payment by acceptance of the order.
  • Acceptance of the order will lock the funds and guarantee payment to the seller.
  • The seller can now deliver or the buyer can collect the product or products.
  • The buyer confirms online Goods Received Note (GRN) to confirm the delivered or collected quantities of the goods.
  • The seller does online confirmation of the delivered/collected quantities and submits the order for payment processing.
  • The G-PAY system will reconcile the order and process payment for the actual delivered quantities.
  • The balance, difference between the ordered quantity and the actual delivered/collected quantity is available in the buyer account immediately after reconciliation.
  • The seller can now invoice the buyer for the actual delivered/collected quantity allowing for Clean Invoicing.​
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Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solutions refers to solutions that are configured for parties whom wish to trade in specific products, commodities or services and whom wish to have the payments for such goods or services guaranteed.

The solution offers a web-based ordering (procurement) system which allows for the managements of products and services, discounts, fees and commissions and several other functionality configurations.

In the same web-based ordering system, the solution offers a fully integrated with the banks, automated settlement solution which will execute the settlement as per the actions taken on the procurement (ordering) process to conclude the configured procurement to payment process.

The solution offers the unique ability to VERIFY FUNDS, RESERVE FUNDS, LOCK FUNDS and GUARANTEE PAYMENTS.

2. Capital /Fund Management Solution


A funder/financial institution (the managing entity) provides funding to an entity and wants to ensure that the funding is actually utilized what is was requested/intended for.


To provide a web-based payment solution by configuring approved beneficiaries for payments.

  • The G-PAY system will only permit payments to beneficiaries approved by the managing entity.

To provide a web-based ordering to payment solution through the configuration of sellers to the buyer with approved products.

  • The G-PAY system will be configured as an Integrated Procurement to Payment Solution with managing entity approved vendors and products or services.

The G-PAY Web Solution provides the ability to:

  • Set Allocations by Beneficiary or Vendor down to Products.
  • Set Minimum and Maximum order or payment quantities.
  • Set the Order of Payment for Beneficiaries or Vendors.
  • Set Workflows and Approvals on Beneficiaries, Orders and Payments.
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Capital / Fund Management Solutions are categorized in two solution offerings as Analysis models and Managed models.

The Analysis Model suggests the take on of Entities where the G-PAY system is configured and deployed to perform a continued ANALYSIS of the Entity Account, the Entity performance and utilization of funds.

From this configuration and deployment, the managing entity will have the ability to monitor and analyze the detail of transactions processed through the specified bank accounts for Entities that have been linked for purposes of the analysis in the G-PAY system.

The solution offers monitoring and analysis tools such as Transaction Mapping, Dashboard Views, Exception Reports, Alerts and Notifications to be defined in conjunction with the managing entity.

The Managed Model requires the take on of Entities where the G-PAY system is configured and deployed to achieve a MANAGED solution for the managing Entities to achieve the required control and utilization of funds awarded to the Entities.

While applying the controls to achieve the managed solution, the functionality of the analysis of the first model will also be available to the managed model to provide Dashboard Views, Exception Reports, Alerts and Notifications of the managed projects.

The managed solution will also include the ability to apply and enforce the Approval of Beneficiaries, Approval of Suppliers, Approved Products, Order of Payment and several other functionality controls as may be dictated by the managing entity.

The solution also offers the ability to convert Analysis model clients to Managed model clients or vice versa should this be required by the managing entity.

3. Transactional Processing Solution


A Vendor receives payments from customers on a continuous basis and requires the authentication and automated processing of such payments to take place.


   Option 1 (Manual):

  • To send automated notifications of any deposits or payments into a Vendor account to a designated person or persons.
  • Notifications are used by the Vendor staff to release orders.  The designated person or persons can now release orders based on notifications and do not have to manually lookup payments received in an account.

   Option 2 (Integrated):

  • To send automated notifications of any deposits or payments into a Vendor account to an integrated Vendor System.
  • Notifications are used by the Vendor to release orders.  The integrated solution will send automated notifications to the Vendor System which will automatically release orders in the Vendor System.


A Vendor receives cash deposit payments from customers on a continuous basis and does not want to incur the cash deposit fee as charged to the receiving account by the bank.


  • To reverse charge all cash deposit fees to the depositing client.
  • The client will receive value = deposited value minus cash deposit fee charged.
  • Net effect is available as payment/settlement to the Vendor.
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Transactional Processing Solutions are designed to offer our customers a unique experience through our ability to automate and offer unique electronic notifications for payments, cash deposits and other transactional services.

  • Electronic Notifications – refers to the ability to provide automated notifications of any payments or deposits received into an account.
  • Chargeback of Cash Deposit Fees – This refers to the ability to offer customers a preferential cash deposit fee which will be processed as a chargeback value to the entity depositing the cash as supposed to the account to which the cash is deposited.
  • Automated “Clearing or Sweeping” of accounts based on predefined rules.  Associated herewith is end of period file summaries with details of cleared funds.  This service can also be expanded to clear to multiple accounts based on predefined rules.
  • Electronic “Wallet” management. This offers multiple “wallets” within a single transactional account offering the ability to customers to manage own funds (cash deposited or EFT with the Entity) to effect purchases to the selling/vendor entity.

This functionality can be applied as open loop functionality allowing the customer to pay funds to any beneficiary or as a closed loop solution ensuring that the deposited funds are utilized against the selling/vendor entity only.

Through our existing integrations with the banks we offer the ability to manage deposited funds or to report on such funds as may be required by the managing entity.

Our Cloud technology solutions offer centralized access to information although processing can be done on a decentralized basis.

The managing entity therefore has “near” real-time access and views of the transactional processing solutions and processes in a centralized solution offering.


Mobile Solutions

Our G-PAY Mobile Wallet offers the ability to utilize a mobile number and converting this number into a mobile wallet providing our customers access to utilize our mobile wallets as Consumer Wallets (C2C and C2B Solutions) and Vendor Wallets (B2B Solutions).

Consumer Wallets (C2C and C2B Solutions)

Our consumer wallets are mainly deployed in scenarios where transactions are initiated by Consumers for purposes of payments and the utilization of value added services.

Consumer wallets are also used as an Employer salary and wages payment method.  Consumers receive salaries and wages in their mobile wallets to utilize available functionality at approved merchants.

Consumers generally have access to all the mobile wallet functionality referred to below.

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Consumer Wallets are intended to enable and facilitate wallet to wallet transfers in the case of Consumer to Consumer transactions or Consumer Wallets can be configured and utilised to enable payment from Consumer to Vendor.  Generally, a push payment facility.

​Consumer will also have access to Consumer specific functionality such as our Beneficiary functionality and Value-Added Services.


Vendor Wallets (B2B Solutions)

Our vendor wallets are mainly deployed by vendors seeking electronic payment on delivery removing cash from such transactions.

Vendor wallet payments are initiated by the selling entity at which point the buying entity must authorize such payment at time of a transaction.

Vendor does not generally have access to all the mobile wallet functionality.  Access to functionality and modules is controlled by permissions and each Vendor model will dictate the functionality available to them.

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Vendor Wallets are intended to enable an alternative payment method creating the opportunity to remove cash and by simply utilising a mobile smartphone, enables the Vendor to accept payments from other Vendors or Consumers.  Generally, pull payment facility.

​Vendors have access to similar functionality as is available to Consumers on Mobile Wallet.  Vendors can also become resellers of our Value-Added Services receiving payment from other wallet users for such services.


Our G-PAY Mobile Wallets Functionality.

  • Wallet Top Up. (Refers to the ability to get value into the mobile wallet.)
    • Money Market.  (Available at participating merchants.)
    • Bank Deposits.  (Can be done at any bank.)
    • EFT.  (Can be done from any bank.)
  • Wallet Redemption.
    • Money Market.  (Available at participating merchants.)
    • EFT.  (Can be done to any pre-configured bank.)
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfers (Push Transfers/Payments).
  • Payments (Pull Payment Requests).
    • Point of Sale Integrated Payment requests.  (Reflected as a tender method on integrated POS solutions.)
    • Mobile Device Payment Requests.  (Can be done off any smartphone or similar device for participating members.)
  • Beneficiary Management and Payments.
    • User Defined (Own) Beneficiaries.  (Refers to the ability to create own beneficiaries for payment from mobile wallet.)
    • Bank Defined Beneficiaries.  (Pre-defined selection of beneficiaries.)
  • Send Money Functionality.  (Cash withdrawn at ATM.)
  • Value-Added Services.  (Prepaid Airtime and Prepaid Electricity).
  • Users also have online statement and transactional history available from their mobile devices.
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The G-PAY Mobile Wallet Functionality is controlled by permissions and enables the provision of functionality to certain initiatives, projects or models on a case by case basis.

​The functionality available to Consumers and Vendors could be determined by the above if offered as part of an initiative, project or model.


Integrated Solutions

G-PAY provides full EDI and other integration capabilities and can in exceptional cases provide its technology solutions to customers as customer "themed" solutions carrying the customers branding, logos, colours and product information. The themed solution is marketed as a customer branded solution, "Powered by G-PAY".


A Vendor has its own Technology Solution and would like to achieve an integrated solution with G-PAY to their own technology solution.


  • We expose our standard web services for use by the client.
  • Develop specific web services for specific integration requirements with the client.
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We live in a Microsoft world and employ .NET Framework, a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

In achieving an integration with a client, we need to understand the client environment and ascertain the following:

  • Does the client have a web service that we can integrate with?
  • If yes, is the web service soap or rest based?
  • How would the client expose these web services to us?
  • The client must provide documentation to support the integration with these web services.
W H A T  C A N  W E  D O  F O R  Y O U

Our Services


To propose the best solution for your specific needs, we offer the following services:


Solution Presentations

We will do a presentation of our products, our solutions and provide a comprehensive overview of our various solution configurations, it’s capabilities and our capability to providing these solutions.

Solution Demonstrations

We will configure a demonstration environment through which we will demonstrate our solution, the product look and feel, the various processes and processing method with data as may be applicable to your business environment.

Business Requirements Analysis

We will perform a business requirements analysis process through which we obtain the data applicable to your business and business process requirement which will be used for the configuration of your business environment.

Solution Configuration

From the information obtained from the Business Requirements Analysis, we will perform the system, solutions and user configuration for sign-off as compliance with your business environment.

Solution Commissioning

Following your sign off of the Solution Configuration, we will perform the Solution Commissioning for the configured solutions in our production environment and activate the system users for your business environment.

Solutions Support

Following your successful Solution Commissioning, you can be assured of our pro-active and re-active support for your configured solution. You will also be entitled to all future enhancements and further product or solutions developments.

W A N T  T O   J O I N   U S

The Process


Depending on the Entity type, the process for registration and activation will differ.  The steps below summarise the process.​  For other supporting documentation you may also refer Guide to Getting Started for the process and or documentation that may be applicable to your requirements.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

W E   W O R K   W I T H   C R E D I B L E  B A N K S

We Work With Banks


Banks provide full integration and banking services to Incatorque (Pty) Ltd for utilization and deployment through the G-PAY Solutions.

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