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Incatorque's Business Solutions

Incatorque, A Technology Company that specialise in providing Customers with Solutions to meet their Business needs. Solutions that are designed to accommodate the needs of Customers in almost any sector of the South African Economy. We promise to provide on-time, custom-fit and financially affordable solutions to support your business requirements.

What is G-PAY

G-PAY is a Business Solution and Product of Incatorque (Pty) Ltd, a company specializing in Technology Business Solutions.

G-PAY is a GUARANTEED PAYMENT SOLUTION. This implies that a Requisition received by a Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier or Retailer through G-PAY will have the Settlement of that Requisition GUARANTEED to the value of the goods requested by means of the Requisition.
You may choose to use our End to End Solution, offering full Requisitioning through to the Settlement of the Requisitions or you may opt for any one of the Requisitioning or the Settlement Solution seperately.